Scott I and Scott II – or a perfect day for Hannah Montana

If I may give you an advice: Don’t go to Yellowstone National Park on a bicycle during july! There is a screaming traffic, the narrow, shoulderless roads are packed with rental-RVs and boat-trailers and everybody is in a hurry. Since Boston I never felt uncomfortable on my bike due to traffic – until I entered YNP. But despite permanently awaiting a sudden death by getting … Continue reading Scott I and Scott II – or a perfect day for Hannah Montana

God’s own country

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Dances with bikes

After entering the big prairies I felt reminded on the sweet joy of watching wild-west-movies. And indeed – my todays campground is situated next to “1880 Town”. This is an artificial “Western-Town” consisting of original but moved buildings from the 1880s up to the 1920s. Since I started rolling today early I had enough time to take the tour. All buildings are furnished and accessible … Continue reading Dances with bikes

Stats I

Time goes by so fast. And as everybody knows numbers are the biggest origin of joy for all engineers. After 31 days in North-America and 27 riding-days (RD) the following stats can be taken as preliminary. Current location: Mitchell, SD Total distance: 2957 km (1,837 miles) Average dist per RD: 109 km (68 miles) Longest dist per day: 169 km (105 miles) Entered Countries: 2 … Continue reading Stats I

The ten-hour-freeze-frame

For all the german readers out there: Imagine to ride your bicycle all the way from Hanover to Oldenburg. You ride along one single straight road. The landscape is the same like between Hanover and Oldenburg – except there are not dozens of villages. Actually there are only five small townships. 4 gas-stations. 1 McDonalds (Water-Refill). 1 Burger King (Burger and Water-Refill). 1 Food-Store (rice, … Continue reading The ten-hour-freeze-frame

Becoming a “Spinning Brother”

Since crossing Lake Michigan I experienced three days of riding with the Spinning Sisters. That meant three days of fun, becoming friends, serious group-cycling, prayers, laughing, taking roadkill-pictures, making other peoples days and witnessing a very strong and heart-touching comradeship. It is fun to get to know more and more of the little special-habits of new friends. And after cycling on my own since Boston … Continue reading Becoming a “Spinning Brother”