Stats I

Time goes by so fast. And as everybody knows numbers are the biggest origin of joy for all engineers. After 31 days in North-America and 27 riding-days (RD) the following stats can be taken as preliminary.

Current location: Mitchell, SD

Total distance: 2957 km (1,837 miles)

Average dist per RD: 109 km (68 miles)

Longest dist per day: 169 km (105 miles)

Entered Countries: 2

Entered U.S.-States: 7

Number of punctures: 1

Number of mosquito-bites: 29,561,102

Number of racoons inside tent: 1

Number of too big spiders inside tent: 1

Number of nights in tent: 16

Number of nights in Warmshower-houses: 8

Number of nights in non-Warmshower-houses: 2

Number of nights in Cabins: 2

Number of nights in Motels: 2

My route so far (painted with clumsy fingers):

By the way – Mitchell is home of the worlds only corn-palace. I spent a visit and took the whole tour. That includes a simulated ride on a harvester. It gave kicks! And a nice feature: in the cafeteria all offered foods and beverages contain corn-syrup 😉

Mitchell; Main Street in 2018

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