Back in Germany. To me everything here seems to be so small now. The first days I was sooo tired. I guess my jetlag was a little bit stronger than it normally would have been. But my flight from Miami to Frankfurt was kind of a living hell and I couldn’t sleep for a minute. After my initially booked flight was cancelled at the gate … Continue reading Zuhause

Talking salty

Sooo many idioms were used in nearly every conversation I participated in the states – . Even more than in german language. Impossible to recall and quote even only the better part of the ones I heard (and recognized). The capabilitiy of putting them into serious use must be based on repeated listening to them in everyday-situations. I think that’s why it is hardly possible … Continue reading Talking salty

About my Equipment

The cycling- and camping-part of my epic 2018-adventure is over. Time to list and partly review my final tour-equipment. General Bicycle (2007 KTM “Veneto”, mods: Magura HS33 hydraulic rim-brakes, Brooks-saddle) … the bike is heavy but indestructable; I never rode a Brooks-saddle before and I am so glad that I got it for the tour – no ass-pain at all! Front-rack: tubus lowrider … no … Continue reading About my Equipment

Tea in the Sahara

Well, that crossing of the big desert-area between Sierra Nevada and the Colorado-plateau was quite hot. And the landscape is so alien to a german perspective. It’s the prototype of the road-movie-setup. One couldn’t complain about cold, foggy weather or too much traffic neither. The most of the time one has to drink water. The dry-out-speed is amazing. Amount of water per day: at least … Continue reading Tea in the Sahara

Climbing above Sierra Nevada

On my way to Yosemite I saw Walnut Creek. And it is a lovely town. The loveliest thing about it is that the ‘Iron Horse Trail’ starts there. That’s another bike-path with fresh, smooth pavement and even restrooms every few miles. So, my way out of the ‘bay-area’ was very convenient. Wind on my tail and mostly flat [minor ascents I do not recognize anymore … Continue reading Climbing above Sierra Nevada