Moving east

I am not cycling anymore (at least not for progress and on a packed bike). But I am still in the U.S. – and I am trying to “get the most out of my money” by collecting as many impressions as reasonable possible.

From Albuquerque I drove down to El Paso and then into the Big Bend National Park which is one of the biggest parks the United States have to offer. To its south the park is bounded by the Rio Grande which at the same time marks the border to Mexico. There is no wall – I think nobody pays for it.

Funny thing – after El Paso I had to stop at a border-patrol-station – every vehicle has to. After I stopped their drug-dog reacted to my car. I got pulled out and had to step out of the car while the dog jumped in and checked all my stuff. Fortunately they figured out that the dog reacts to the car itself and not to my stuff. They found no drugs and let me go.

After many hours of driving along the river I drove up some mountains into the Chisos Basin and camped at one of the most beautiful campgrounds.

This is bear- and mountain-lion-country!

The driving from there to San Antonio: no traffic, endless roads, 11 hours, heat, some more border-patrol-stations one has to stop at … a walk-in-road-movie

In San Antonio I got hosted by Billie Sue which is the mother of Marijane which I met at square-dance in Albuquerque. I walked a lot and I saw Lee Ritenour at the local jazz-festival!

Maybe that’s Lee’s secret. His shirt kept dry.

A lot of driving lead me through Houston and right into New Orleans.

From New Orleans I turned onto the homestrech to Williamsburg, VA where I am hosted by Bruce and Elanour. I met them while camping in New York State at Lake Ontario – at the very beginning of my trip. Back then they invited me to their home and offered to introduce me to the ancient history of their country. Actually the area around Williamsburg is kind of the birthplace of the USA!

Bruce and Eleanor in june

Meeting the Marquis de La Fayette (in the background George Washingtons headquarter at time of declaring independence)

A lot of fun while exploring this beautiful area by bike and by boat.

And for two days: Washington D.C.; The museums of the smithsonian give free admission. I love the national air and space museum!

2 thoughts on “Moving east

  1. Great pictures indeed! Trust you enjoyed true southern hospitality and our beautiful and historic environs! Continue to travel safely.


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