Talking salty

Sooo many idioms were used in nearly every conversation I participated in the states – . Even more than in german language. Impossible to recall and quote even only the better part of the ones I heard (and recognized). The capabilitiy of putting them into serious use must be based on repeated listening to them in everyday-situations. I think that’s why it is hardly possible to adopt them without beeing in touch with native-speakers. I’ll give you a glimpse of the ones I recently heard and/or used.

A greasy spoon is a kind of restaurant where you get all the LDLs you need to block your vessels – the southern ‘Waffle Houses’ are a good example for that.

If somebody is a pretty cardboard there’s not much more behind a pleasing appearance.

If something or somebody keeps turning up like a bad penny it is really hard to get rid of.

In the shady parts of a big city there might be some bad people that could give you a bad haircut.

A fender-bender is a minor car-accident that did not cause any injuries or major damages.

If someone is (already) running uphill the whole situation could be much better for him or her.

Pissing into the wind (or up a rope) is the same as farting on gravel – it makes no difference at all and brings you nowhere.

Somebody who drank the ‘kool aid’ is absolutely convinced by a crazy idea and/or following a bad leader … but if somebody just drank ‘the water’ the idea and/or the leader must not necessarily be bad.

If you have really big tasks you might be even more busy than a pair of jumper-cables at a family-reunion (southern states). 🙂

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