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Back in Germany. To me everything here seems to be so small now. The first days I was sooo tired. I guess my jetlag was a little bit stronger than it normally would have been. But my flight from Miami to Frankfurt was kind of a living hell and I couldn’t sleep for a minute. After my initially booked flight was cancelled at the gate (technical problems with an engine) I had some problems to get booked on the flight for the following day. Finally I got a seat for the flight – in between a 4 week-old Ukrainian girl the next seat to my left and a 14 month-old Nigerian boy the next seat to my right … both very sweet and both were already crying when I entered the plane. After we all were seated and the plane had taxied to the runway the captain announced a technical problem with the main-gear – so we taxied back to the gate. I felt desperate because I thought the flight would be cancelled again. Fortunately the problem was finally solved by a team of technicians. That took 3 hours. For those 3 hours all passengers had to stay in the plane. No food. 3 extra-hours inside the plane without any progress and without knowing if the flight goes or not. Not to forget the constantly crying kiddos.

But that was only 12h – and it’s over now. Susanna picked me up at the airport and I arrived at home after travelling around the north american continent without any injuries, without serious sickness, without serious road-rage-conflicts or any other major problem. I feel gracious!

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This summer I made new friends. I met old friends again. I experienced the hospitality and unleashed generosity of so many. On my bicycle I had so many very special moments – due to pure landscape, to wildlife, to riding along with others, to hitting the road very early and beeing on the road alone for hours, to feeling completely free and independent, to feeling physically on my all-time-peak and to having my mind totally dedicated to the satisfaction of my very basic needs for this trip: make progress, eat, sleep and discover north-america

I seriously improved my english-skills. I became more confident as a person. I discovered the fun of playing days just by the ear – especially the part of not knowing where to sleep at night. Furthermore, I experienced 18 weeks without buying something – except for food or the mirror for my helmet 😉 … that’s very unusual to the most of us!

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Over the last months I travelled more than 10,000 miles through USA (26 states!) and Canada. 6,000 by bike (Boston to Albuquerque) and 4,000 by car. The difference of those made experiences is huge. After all the cycling the driving made me feel like beeing isolated from the surrounding country. I really think that bicycling is the best way to discover the USA. It’s the right speed, the right amount of physical and mental activation and most important: it helps you so much to connect with all the people you may meet.

After all: I regret nothing! I truly loved this summer! I needed it and I feel extremely happy and gracious that I made it come true. I want to thank my partner Susanna, my sister Elisabeth and all my other friends for their support and encouragement in advance and during my journey. For reading my blog and giving me feedback. I also want to thank all my hosts and newly made friends along the road – you showed me america from it’s best – I love you!

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My next adventure for the oncoming weeks will be to really arrive back in Germany … and to find my new profession – either as an engineer again or maybe as something else.

Stay tuned – this blog continues …

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4 thoughts on “Zuhause

  1. Georg,
    Thanks for visiting the U.S. and witnessing some of our ups and downs. Special thanks for wandering into our lives in Sioux Falls for a brief but most enjoyable couple of days. Take care!
    Doug and JoAnn Swenson


  2. Welcome back, Georgy. Willkommen Zuhause!

    Deutschland ist klein und vielleicht deshalb eher ein Wanderland. Du wirst Dich viel zu schnell wieder eingewöhnen und ich hoffe dass wir uns bald auf einen Ützel Brützel treffen.

    Deinen Blog werde ich vermissen.


  3. Congrats on a great trip! Totally agree that bike is the perfect way and the feeling of independence is amazing. I didn’t think about not buying anything but food and bike stuff but it’s true—nowhere to carry it!

    We talked briefly the night before you left Boston. Thanks for sharing your blog.


    1. Hi Katie! Thanks for your comments. You name it: nowhere to carry it.
      The night before I started you told me not to get into a rush and to take my time – I often reminded myself to that though in retrospective I could have taken even more time for the trip.
      Anyway – thanks for your advices last june – they helped!

      Thanks for reading my blog and best regards from Germany,


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