Stats II

As I am enjoying a few off-days in Seattle, I consider my ride across the USA from east to west as done. Time for some stats. After 62 days in North-America and 54 riding-days (RD) the following stats can be taken as preliminary. Current location: Seattle, WA Total distance: 6019 km (3,740 miles) Average dist per RD: 111.5 km (69 miles) Longest dist per day: … Continue reading Stats II

Lessons of hate

It’s amazing how much one could know without ever having travelled foreign countries or watched other TV-channels than Fox-News. Some examples: Did you know that mankind shall not take away the 2nd amendment because it was god himself who gave it to the people of the U.S.? (and isn’t that kind of unfair? Maybe god should better have given the 2nd amendment to the whole … Continue reading Lessons of hate

Scott I and Scott II – or a perfect day for Hannah Montana

If I may give you an advice: Don’t go to Yellowstone National Park on a bicycle during july! There is a screaming traffic, the narrow, shoulderless roads are packed with rental-RVs and boat-trailers and everybody is in a hurry. Since Boston I never felt uncomfortable on my bike due to traffic – until I entered YNP. But despite permanently awaiting a sudden death by getting … Continue reading Scott I and Scott II – or a perfect day for Hannah Montana

God’s own country

BlablablablablafourcenturiesinarowbecausethereisnochancetostayinbetweenblablablablacarryingthewaterforawholedaymakesthebikefeellikeasunkenshipblablablablapeopleinwyomingdonotwavetomeanymoreblablaevrybodyseemstobeseriousandbusyblablablametRobertonRivertonsWalmartparkinglotinthemorningandwerodetoDuboistogetherblablaverypositiveanddeepconversationmadethe100milesfeellikealittlewarmupmostofthetimeblablablalassmichausredenähhhhhblablablapitchedupmytentatalittlechurchinDuboisat10p.m.andpassedoutimmediatelyblablablablablathisisRockyMountainstheyarenotbuiltforbicyclesblablacvvsub5blablablablathiscountryissobeautifulblablablablaaxivionblablaeverybodytalksaboutbearsandcougarsandbearsprayandgunsblablablablatomorrowIgonnabeinYellowstoneblablablacan’tbelievehowblessedIamblablabla Continue reading God’s own country

Dances with bikes

After entering the big prairies I felt reminded on the sweet joy of watching wild-west-movies. And indeed – my todays campground is situated next to “1880 Town”. This is an artificial “Western-Town” consisting of original but moved buildings from the 1880s up to the 1920s. Since I started rolling today early I had enough time to take the tour. All buildings are furnished and accessible … Continue reading Dances with bikes

Stats I

Time goes by so fast. And as everybody knows numbers are the biggest origin of joy for all engineers. After 31 days in North-America and 27 riding-days (RD) the following stats can be taken as preliminary. Current location: Mitchell, SD Total distance: 2957 km (1,837 miles) Average dist per RD: 109 km (68 miles) Longest dist per day: 169 km (105 miles) Entered Countries: 2 … Continue reading Stats I

The ten-hour-freeze-frame

For all the german readers out there: Imagine to ride your bicycle all the way from Hanover to Oldenburg. You ride along one single straight road. The landscape is the same like between Hanover and Oldenburg – except there are not dozens of villages. Actually there are only five small townships. 4 gas-stations. 1 McDonalds (Water-Refill). 1 Burger King (Burger and Water-Refill). 1 Food-Store (rice, … Continue reading The ten-hour-freeze-frame