A little bit more leftlaning

I heard from kind of disappointed readers that they would like to read more about the political impressions I get on my journey. Well, this is a mostly non-political trip – besides the fact that riding a bicycle in the U.S. is kind of a political statement itself.

But I am glad to be able to report that during the last few couple of hundred miles I had many chances to do an extensive leftlaning. As I rode on I-90 for most of western Montana I could take advantage of the many construction-sites that often cause a closing of the left lane for drivers. This gave me a whole lane for me and my bike 🙂

It seems like this was an omen for what should come. After a very lovely day (1!) of crossing Idaho and leaving the Rocky Mountains on a convenient rail-trail we arrived in Spokane.

Alana – she crosses the country from NYC to Astoria, OR – is my very likeable bike-comrade from Missoula to Spokane and over some corners she made a contact for a stay there. Since we entered the city – and especially since we entered our host’s condo – the political climate could not be more unlike than in rural Montana. It feels like a cool shower after a hot day.

Besides the Spokane Falls the city has an enjoyable downtown with many old brick-buildings. I was hungry for a movie, so I visited the big amc movie theater and watched “Don’t worry, he won’t get far on foot” – very deep. Today is a rest-day with homecooking and charging up for the last few days towards the shining sea.

2 thoughts on “A little bit more leftlaning

  1. Hey there…trusting all is well and wondering if you made contact with our daughter Allison and husband Nico in Portland. Our trip to the Elbe has been cancelled as of yesterday…water levels too low. Oh well…wishing you safe travels and joy, Eleanor and Bruce


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