Getting warm showers

“Well, You never know!” – that is one phrase you are able to hear often as some kind of final conclusion during conversations around here. And I think that is true – even Socrates said so.

One example: I never know what to expect from my campsite for the next night. Usually I start my days by just heading west, around noon I search for the next campground (or State Park) in a suitable distance that is situated on or next to my intended route. I think I will have to get into more certain planning soon as I get now more and more into the west where distances between places to stay become higher. So, I did not know what to expect yesterday when I arrived at “Silver Dove Estates Family Campgrounds” at around 6:30 p.m.; riding a bicycle at the end of a long day on the road you have almost no choices to decline a campsite as for the long distance to the next one. Regarding to those circumstances I was very pleased to find an extremely convenient place. Sandra – the operator – gave me a warm welcome. I got a small cabin to stay (for the same price as for just pitching up my tent), there is a very clean pool filled with salt-water, firewood is included to the 35$-fee, WiFi is available and the whole place provides a friendly and calm athmosphere – besides my warmshower-hosts this is the best place to stay since Boston. I decided to take a day off today to gain new power – and to continue that Book my friend Alex gave me: Jack Kerouac – On the road

This book is kicking ass! I enjoy to read about the young Sal Paradise who is making his way from New York City into the west and then through the whole country during the late 1940s. I think I know some of his feelings regarding the big and promising west lying right in front of him – though, I fortunately have more than 50$ in my pocket 🙂

Until now I stayed at four different warmshower-hosts. What does that mean and how is that working? At warmshowers you can find a community of mostly bike-enthusiasts who offer to other cyclists to stay at their home. Most provide at least a place on their lawn to pitch up a tent and a warm shower – many offer even a bed, laundry, food and much more. In every case staying with a ws-host means experiencing local people and their lifes. The whole thing is based on mutuality and trust. I enjoyed all my ws-hosts very much and it is amazing how different they are and how much good clues and support they gave to me. I am looking forward to give that back to travellers finding their way through Wiesbaden!

There are no certain rules for making an appointment given by the ws-platform. I try to contact hosts as early as possible (until now that means 24h before I arrive) via phone. Some hosts require certain periods like three days but the most do not. Anyway, I think it is not that practical to line up those appointments for several days as the amount of my daily miles is so dependant on wind-directions and my personal constitution.

Now I am looking forward to my probably last canadian campfire and night on that trip. It’s 55 miles to the border and hopefully they will let me into the U.S. again …

2 thoughts on “Getting warm showers

  1. Awesome, thanks for explaining! 24h in advance seems reasonable for you. Didn’t know this platform, but somebody had a great idea there…


  2. Me and my family have been camping at Silver Dove for a few years now and we fell in love with the atmosphere and the friendliness of everyone there. Listening and watching campers play horseshoes couple times a day and there is something going on every weekend. We never want to leave and we can’t wait to go back when we do!


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