Boston – San Francisco – Miami

Lufthansa will take me and my bike to Boston on 5th of june. My return-flight will depart from Miami – mid of octobre (2018).

For the case that I reach the pacific-coast in a good physical and mental condition, with hunger for a lot more miles, and experiencing a mild autumn I want to keep the possibility to just turn around and go back east through the southern states. The final miles to Miami could be done with a Greyhound bus.

One good website for route-planning is offered by the “Adventure Cycling Association”. They offer detailed route-maps as well as an excellent overview about their already elaborated bicycle-trails across the U.S.

My plan is to combine the northern routes (“Chicago to New York City Route”, “Northern Tier”, “Lewis and Clark Trail”) westward. Once I reach the pacific-coast in Oregon I head south along the coast for San Diego. If possible I will take the “Southern Tier” from there which will bring me to Florida. Google says that the whole distance would be at least 7,500 miles or 12,000 kilometers – Yeeehaa!

Origin: Google Maps


2 thoughts on “Boston – San Francisco – Miami

  1. Da fährst du ja schon ziemlich weit in den Norden und auch in hochgelegene Gebiete. Aus meiner Erfahrung kann ich berichten, dass es in Washington und Oregon nachts recht kalt werden kann, selbst mit Schlafsack. Deine Packliste sieht eher danach aus, dass du vor allem mit warmen Temperaturen rechnest Aber einen Plan B für kalte Nächte solltest du im Hinterkopf haben, denke ich.


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