+++ to the bay and then east +++

Travelled along Hwy 1 +++ cold fog all the time – combined with a lot of steep climbing; that’s not a good combination if one wants to keep warm and healthy +++ after two days on Hwy 1 I climbed back to Hwy 101 – no cold fog there +++ Redwoods were amazing, total silence if you stop; I camped two times inside of the Redwoods – never slept better +++ it meant a lot of work to do the few hundred miles from Portland to San Francisco – more than I would have thought +++ ran into some other cyclists on the campgrounds – they were fun +++ mature blackberries everywhere along the road – nommnommnommnomm +++ for my day off in SanFran I had the perfect weather and the perfect lazy mood to invest 55$ into the bigbus-tour +++ John and Linda hosted me in Lafayete – John is an old friend of Bob who I met last year in Fort Lauderdale +++ there is almost no time to write things down, sort pictures out or communicate – all I do is pedaling, eating and sleeping +++ I start crossing the United States from west to east now – first destination is Yosemite +++ stay tuned

3 thoughts on “+++ to the bay and then east +++

  1. Love the pictures Georg!, Glad to see your still pedaling and safe. Keep it up!, your almost there. Happy Trails my friend.


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