How one finds the path

Foggy cold weather over the last two days … brrr

How does my routing work? I do not have a certain routing for my trip. That would have been such a big workload in advance and I wanted to be untied to the routes or places I would have figured out before. The same reason stood against purchasing the ACA-maps (American Cycling Association). Those maps supply one with the comfort to know about all (at least many) the local details along whole trip across the country. Every turn, every campground, every post office and much more – including phone-numbers and other helpful details. Cool! And sounds boring to me 😉

I do my routing mostly from day to day. Only for very remote regions like in Wyoming or Montana I had to plan for a few days in advance (where to get water, food and shelter). And I have to say that – so far – it was very to my liking not to know where exactly I am gonna end up the next day. Most of the days I don’t even know where I am going to pitch my tent at the same evening. This lack of knowledge caused some tensing rides into the dusk, always considering if the next church or whatnot would be suitable for a stealth-camp – that felt great! Adventure!

Pitching my tent in a day-use-park

To plan for the day I usually open Google Maps to get an overview, which destinations would be suitable. This depends on my physical condition, the wind, the topography, the need to buy fresh groceries (which costs time), POIs along the road and atractive places to stay for the next night like available hosts or campgrounds. After that step I decide for a route – very often there is no big choice anyway. If I cannot figure out a certain destination but the direction is not to scrutinize, I just hit the road and hope for the best. Somehow it’s gonna work anyway.

A good tool to figure out the wind is the App “Windy”. Since Boston it’s predictions were never totally wrong. Today I used the provided knowledge about the (hopefully) soon turning wind-direction. I ended my etappe after only 30 miles in Crescent City (yes, I am in CALIFORNIA!) to wash clothes in town (State Parks are great here but do not have laundry-facilities) and to avoid pedaling against cold wind while there are predicted strooong tailwinds for the next days … hhhuuui! Hope, those winds blow me till SanFran 🙂

All this is so much fun beeing mostly healthy again. I was lucky again and could rest for three nights at Robins and Michaels house in Yachats, OR. A lovely small town with a bay to do some smooth walks along the shore while convalescing. Sorry to all my previous hosts – but Robin proved over three dinners that she is the best chef so far, hands down. Thank you guys, you rock!

Michael, Robin and Hunter (grandson)

4 thoughts on “How one finds the path

  1. Awesome Georg! I love and share your approach not to plan everything to the last detail and letting “fate” take over. Did basically the same when we have been to NYC this year.


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