Snappers on my way

Today I almost arrived at the south-shore of Lake Ontario. After two nights of camping and one night in a shithole of a Motel (that was an accident) I am staying at the home of my lovely hosts Paul and Lisa today. They both live in a very rural area with a lots of wildlife and their dog Gizmo around them. What amazing people again – I am lucky! Their house with a massive pickup-truck in front and sided by a huge camping-trailer is what we europeans would call a typical american home.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to learn that a trailerpark has nothing to do with a campground. I learned that at the end of a 100-mile-ride along the Erie-canal. There was no camping-alternative given and no chance to go on for further miles – so I had to check-in to the motel mentioned above … 80$ D’Oh! Today Paul gave me the advice to camp on the next cemetary in such cases.

My last host Gary convinced me to get a “third eye” – that is a tiny mirror mounted to the helmet. What could I say? I got one in Albany and it is the best thing I bought for a long while! I gives so much confidence while riding, I only have to turn my head by an angle of 10° to see the whole street behind me. Thats very helpful and means that I do not have to ride permanently on dirty shoulders anymore. Yeah!

Many big snappers crossed my way today and one we found underneath Lisas car this evening. They are heading to lay their eggs currently.

The day before yesterday I met the bigger part of the “spinning sisters” on the campground. Those three teachers are doing the northern tier due west during summer. We met again on the highway the next day.

What else? Riding, riding, riding. I still enjoy.

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