DIY Hobo-Cooker made by Alex

Yesterday my friend Alex and I took a nice walk through the Taunus up to the “Altkoenig” which is one of the three highest hills of this small mountains (798m).

On the top of that hill one has a beautiful view on Frankfurt but on most of the Rhein-Main-Area as well. During our break up there we had the chance to try out Alex new self-built Hobo-Cooker. It is just made out of two used cans (pineapple and mushrooms) – the bigger on serves as a stand which is encasing the smaller one that contains the actual fire.

Hobo-Cooker – getting the fire started

The fresh boiled tea did very well besides the beer, the cake and the potato-chips 😉

A fire – even such a small one – provides always a special atmosphere. Especially during a quiet evening on the wooden top of a hill. And surprisingly it only took 24 minutes from starting the fire until the tea was served – not too bad!

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