Biking Bad

I like Albuquerque – to me it owns kind of a very layd-back atmosphere. The fact that it is very wide spread leads to lower traffic-density and that makes it a good city to cycle around. There even is a “bicycle boulevard” around town! And don’t forget the high desert climate with its moderate warm days with low humidity and cool nights. If I would have to choose a place to stay in the U.S. it would probably be Arizona or New Mexico for the climate.

I had big fun to do my private sightseeing-tour to some places known from the TV-show “breaking bad”. There is a guided bicycle-tour to those places too – but only every other saturday and I missed it by arriving in town at late saturday afternoon.

A lot of climbing to Hanks house …
Who remembers this house from the show?
The people living in Walters house now are sitting on their driveway to argue with the tourists stopping by
Who remembers this?

Another “hot spot” in town is the national museum of nuclear science and history:

2 thoughts on “Biking Bad

  1. Wasn’t the White House with the red trimmed door Gus’s place?
    I remember every place you had pictures. That’s pretty cool you went to all those.


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