Hitting the road

This morning my marvellous first warmshower-hosts Ron and Nina wish me all the best and then – finally and after one extra-day in Boston – I am on the road. I take a slow and laid back ride through all those wide calm streets with those beautiful wooden New-England-Houses. Feels like riding through a movie. Since I go outbound the traffic in my direction is not that heavy. The very most car drivers act carefully and really share the road with me and my bike.

During todays last 15km I realize the first time that I now really left Boston. The landscape becomes now more and more rural.

After 84km with medium headwinds I arrive on Sutton Falls Camping Area that I chose as todays destination spontanously. Now: Shower (hooray), Cook (rice with jalapenos and beans) and campfire – could become a daily routine …

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